Posted by: C.R. Mooney | October 14, 2008

2009 Guide to Literary Agents

From the Guide to Literary Agents website:

Guide to Literary Agents helps you find the right agent to represent your work

Writers are the experts at writing, whether that means crafting a blockbuster novel or a critically acclaimed biography. However, writers are not necessarily great at selling their writing, negotiating subsidiary rights, knowing the correct editors to pitch, and mastering legalese and publishing business jargon. And that’s why so many writers seek agents after they’ve finished their manuscripts.

Guide to Literary Agents lists literary and script agents, publicists and conferences. Each listing includes specific contact information, submission details, and other valuable information to help you find the agent best suited for your writing career.

In addition to the listings, the 2009 Guide to Literary Agents, now available, presents an impressive line-up of articles, including:

  • Interviews with literary agents.
  • Conference etiquette tips.
  • One writer’s first experience with an agent.
  • Negotiating tips on how to improve your contract.
  • How to learn from rejection.
  • Sample query letters.
  • What to know before and after you sign with an agent.
  • And much more.

Writers are the experts at writing, and agents are the experts at handling all the nitty-gritty business details and negotiating the best deal possible for their authors. When a good writer pairs up with a good agent, the sky’s the limit on what you can do together.

Chuck Sambuchino
Editor, Guide to Literary Agents

Click to learn more about Chuck and his upcoming speaking engagements.

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