Posted by: C.R. Mooney | March 3, 2009

Deadlines – Wayne Thomas Batson

Fantasy author Wayne Thomas Batson recently posted eight tips on beating deadlines at his blog.  I have included the intro and the tips, but please visit his blog and read through them.  Mr. Batson is the author of the Door Within Trilogy, Isle of Swords, and Isle of Fire.

Sir Wayne

Sir Wayne


DEADLINES: Even the word sounds ominous. The finality of the concept is frightening: something is due. There are no excuses. No exceptions. No extensions. Finish on time or pay dearly.

We’ve all had deadlines. But for the author or aspiring author, deadlines become an everpresent reminder of what is left to do. If handled poorly, deadlines can lead to all kinds of pressure and stress. Deadlines are a part of the business, but ours is a creative field. We create when the muse strikes. How do you rush creativity? Doesn’t rushing a creative endeavor mess it up? Hmmm, seemingly valid points. So what’s a writer to do? …

Deadline Tip #1: Set reasonable deadlines.

Deadline Tip #2: Set your own deadlines.

Deadline Tip #3: Frontload as much as possible.

Deadline Tip #4: Be satisfied with little deadlines met.

Deadline Tip #5: Nibble away at the numbers.

Deadline Tip #6: Outline.

Deadline Tip #7: Stop in the middle of a cool part.

Deadline Tip #8: Eliminate distractions.

Let me know your thoughts.

– mooney


  1. Very good, reasonable and practical advice!


  2. i love his books. you should make a movie out of them with briana batdorf in it. she is a very good actress who has everything anne has except for red hair which means just trow a wig on her! but i do love your books and when does the 3 book come out. you left us hanging on isle of fire. i mean we all kind of knew what cat was going to ask but i want another adventure and discribe the wedding what does anne say. i mean thats a whole new start to one of your books.

  3. Hi, Christian, and thanks! And Lisa, I wish I could tell you there’s a book 3 in the “Isle” series. But I’ve got several other projects going on. Not sure when I’ll get back to sailing with the pirates.

  4. please please please write a sequel to Isle of Fire when you get done with the projects you are working on now. ive read the “Isle” series over and over and i still get put in suspense i cant put them down when i start. PLEASE write another when you can

  5. i really enjoyed the “isle” series i have been looking for a third book for four years now and and im only 12! would greatly appreciate it if you would get back to the “isle” series.

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