Posted by: C.R. Mooney | March 20, 2009

Ted Dekker launches new website!

dekker_headshot-1-199x300Well, it is finally here: Ted Dekker’s revamped website. (  I am a huge fan, and honestly, Ive only read a handful of his books. (Thr3e and the Circle Trilogy).

The “new and improved” Ted Dekker 2.0 boasts some pretty sweet animation, a discussion board, a library, and what I believe to be the best improvement, The Underground.  It allows you to read the first few chapters of Boneman’s Daughters in a pretty unique way.  It’s an animated book that has turning pages, and illustrations to boot. I just finished reading chapter one and it’s definitely moving to the front of the reading pile.

Just like his books, the new sight is a captivating, no holds barred assault on your senses.  Here’s a peak at the header, linked to the site.  Enjoy!



  1. Ted Dekker’s web site is certainly cool! I love all of his books! I just finished a review for his book The Bride Collector on my blog check it out! Its another amazing Dekker book for sure!

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