Posted by: C.R. Mooney | June 4, 2010

Self-publish with Apple

Do wonders never cease?  Apple has done it again.  Going against the flow, they decided to get into the ebook (sorry, iBook) business with the release of the iPad.  Great move.  Remember when record companies said that iTunes would fail?  Well, they were wrong, 10 billion downloads wrong (so far).

I believe that they will do the same with ebooks.  not only are they selling them, they are taking the giant leap into publishing as well (watch out Amazon Kindle!).  According to Mac Life, Apple has made it possible to self-publish through the iBookstore.  Now, there are, as usual, some requirements, you need an ISBN, to have their software running on a Mac, and others.  If that is not your reality, you can use one of their affiliated publishers to get the ball rolling.

Watch out traditional publishers, Mac is on the move!

(Thanks to Christopher Hopper, one of my favorite authors, for giving me the heads up on this!)


  1. need information about publishing my book

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