Posted by: C.R. Mooney | December 17, 2010

Publisher Profile: Sweetwater Still

Once in awhile, I get a request from a publisher to be placed on my List Of Christian Publishers, and I like to ask them a few questions. If you would are a publisher (of any size) and would like to be added, please send me an email.

Here is some brief information from Cheryl Ellicott at Sweetwater Still Publishing Company and their publishing guidelines.

Sweetwater Still Publishing Company

Distilling the Message Worth Dying For

Why did you start a publishing company?

Just trying to keep in step with the Spirit and do the things God intended
for me to do.

What makes Sweetwater Still unique in the market?

Sweetwater Still is missions or ministry minded, with a special heart for children, young adults who don’t usually read and the incarcerated. We prayerfully consider each  manuscript and only publish those which present clear directions and (or illustrate) basic foundational belief to someone who knows nothing of Jesus, nothing of the Bible but whose heart is ready to seek restoration through a relationship with their Creator.

What types of manuscripts are you looking for (fiction and/or non, fantasy, young adult, Christian living, children’s, etc)?

Sweetwater Still is open to various genres. We’re currently seeking manuscripts with a strong Biblical influence suitable for adults with below average reading skills and for youth. If your writing doesn’t fit this need, we may consider it anyway if the message has the power to restore souls through a relationship with their Creator. However, we are not accepting submissions for poetry.

Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts or queries?

Queries please.

What kind of promotion will you employ, will or will the author be responsible for promotion?

As a relatively new publisher, our marketing efforts should increase over time but presently rely heavily upon the  author. Also, authors should know that we give away a lot of books to those who need them and we intend to give away even more.

If there is anything else you want to add, feel free.

We’re honored for this opportunity to support, encourage and otherwise come alongside other faithful servants in a publishing world that often serves the god of money rather than the God of the Bible.


  1. After the meeting 10/15 you said send a short synopsis of my book The Stowaway. Here it is: A story of how the Lord uses a precocious 10 yr old girl, a very evil man and a church overflowing with love to soften and mend the hearts of two deeply wounded people to bring them back to the shelter of His wings and give them abundant life.

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