Posted by: C.R. Mooney | January 17, 2011

Podcasts on Writing a Novel

I do not know everything there is to know about writing, editing, finding an agent, getting published, or marketing my work so I have to learn from people that do. Podcasts about writing are a way to learn (for free) from people who have already traveled the road.

If you do not know, a podcast is an audio feed that you can subscribe to that automatically updates whenever new content is released by the author of the podcast. All those listed here are free and available through iTunes.

None of these are “Christian” and so be wary that some episodes may be marked explicit for language or adult content. You can simply choose not to download those if they are offensive.

Below is a short list of podcasts that discuss these and many other topics about being a writer. Each has a link to the blog/website of the podcast, as well as a link to the iTunes store.
The Writing Show – Paula B.the_writing_show
Podcast Link

This podcast is run by Paula B., and though the updates are few and far between now, the content that is still available for download is priceless. Paula cover many topics about writing, follows several authors who are trying to get published, and has interviews of published authors regarding their work, and advice.


michaelastackpoleThe Sectrets: Podcast for Writers – Michael A. Stackpole

Podcast Link

Michael A. Stackpole’s The Secrets is “all about writing and how to get the success you want.” He covers many topics on the mechanics of writing, plotting, and character development. Some of the episodes have exercises that you can work through to help develop your story.

Michael is an author with 38 published books.


isbwI Should Be Writing – Mur Laferty

Podcast Link

The title of the podcast says it all, I Should Be Writing. This podcast follows Mur’s journey to publish a novel (which she now has). Finding time to write, self-publishing, and editing are just a few of the many topics she covers along the way. I love this podcast because Mur is someone like me; an aspiring author, with all the ups and downs of balancing life and family while still trying to get a book published.

Beside this podcast, Mur has also made her books available as podcasts (Playing for Keeps). While she does not write from a Christian worldview, I enjoy her work and recommend it.

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