Posted by: C.R. Mooney | February 28, 2011

How Do People Experience You? (via Renaissance Center)

I found this post recently, and there was a point that stuck out to me, that our job as writers is “To provide the reader with an experience that is superior to the experiences the reader encounters in everyday life.” (I believe this came from Sol Stein’s, Stein On Writing).

Wow! Well said. I know in my readings, there have been times when big name authors have let me down. I hope when my writing finally meets my approval, it exceeds others expectations. One thing in writing that lets me down is when an author uses some sort of reflection to describe how a character looks. “Johnny looked into the mirror. His eyes were a dark green, his blond bangs just covered the scar above his right eye. He rubbed his chiseled, stubbled chin with his coarse, hard-worked hands before pulling his shoulder harness over his tribal tattooed shoulder.”

There are a million better ways to do this, but I still find it obsessionally.

Do you have any annoyances or tips to help others writings exceed expectations?

Recently I was reading some from renowned editor Sol Stein’s excellent book Stein On Writing. Something he said at the beginning of the book really grabbed me.  To the question of what is the correct intention of a writer (and, therefore, his job as editor assisting the writer), Stein quickly dismisses the more obvious (“I am expressing myself; I have something to say; I need to make money, etc.”) and gets to the correct intention: To provide the … Read More

via Renaissance Center

Here’s the book if you want to take a look,

Amazon has a great preview of it:


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