Posted by: C.R. Mooney | March 21, 2011

Publisher Profile: Signalman Publishing

Once in awhile, I get a request from a publisher to be placed on my List Of Christian Publishers, and I like to ask them a few questions. If you are a publisher (of any size) and would like to be added, please send me an email.

Here is some brief information from John McClure, President of Signalman Publishing, and their guidelines:

Why did you start a publishing company?

Amazon had just released their original Kindle e-reader in November, 2007 and I thought it was pretty cool. It was a new way to read books that I thought would catch on. So, I looked at what it would take to publish books for the Kindle and studied the specifications that Amazon released and so we published our first book on February 28, 2008. Within a couple days we started getting sales so we knew this would work. I then looked at what sort of content Signalman could publish and my wife/partner and I decided that we would publish content that was interesting to us and that included faith based stories and Christian living topics along with theology. There were a number of Christian classics such as “The Journal of John Wesley” and “At the Master’s Feet” and “On the Christian Life” that were not available for the Kindle so we obtained those manuscripts and formatted them for the Kindle.

What makes Signalman Publishing unique in the market?

Our specialization in digital publishing for the various e-readers makes us unique. We can and do publish in trade paper (paperback) as well because we feel it is important to reach all market segments, but we have obtained the tools and skills necessary to produce quality, professional looking books for the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble nook, and Apple iPad and that is why many of our authors seek us out.

What types of books are you looking for (fiction and/or non, fantasy, young adult, Christian living, children’s, etc)?

We have a number of Christian themed books and we love to work with authors who have a compelling faith-based story to tell. We like to publish self-help books and other non-fiction materials meant for the improvement of the reader and this can be faith based, but it can also be simply based on practical living, such as how to conduct an effective job search, or how to start a personal fitness program, or how to buy and maintain carpets. We also enjoy publishing personal memoirs. And finally, we are open to quality fiction. One of our very first books was a novel based on the story of the scapegoat as described in Leviticus 16 called “The Goat of God” by Eugene Elander.

Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts or queries?  Do you have specific submission guidelines I can link to?

We do review unsolicited manuscripts/queries. I don’t have any specific submission guidelines other than what I have previously indicated. I do think it is important to ensure that any manuscript submitted should be 99% free of basic spelling/grammatical/punctuation errors.

What kind of promotion will you employ, will or will the author be responsible for promotion?

We have several options here, including press release, social network promotion, website, and promotion through Amazon. Also, as a member of the Christian Small Publishers Association, and the Small Publishers Association of North America, we have additional opportunities to promote our authors. It is a partnership, however, and the author will certainly be responsible for promoting their work as well.

Are you affiliated with any traditional publishers? or do you offer digital publishing exclusively?

We publish in paperback as well (trade paper) and have agreements with Ingram/Spring Arbor which is the nation’s largest wholesaler/distributor of Christian books.

Do you help with copy write issues or have recommendations on securing the rights to publish a book digitally?

If the author would like to submit their work to the U.S. copyright office, we can certainly help with that. With the current law, it’s not really necessary since the author receives copyright protection immediately, but there still is a process to formally register one’s work with the office.

If there is anything else you want to add, feel free.

Over the past three years, we have really enjoyed partnering with other publishers as well as authors to bring their works to the ever expanding e-reader market. We know there are a lot of people with a story to tell and we would love to help them bring their work to the marketplace.


  1. I have an AMAZING picture that I took and I was wondering if you have any information on how to have it published. It is too beautiful to keep to myself. Please contact me if you have any information. Thanks Erica Wamble

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