Posted by: C.R. Mooney | March 25, 2011

The Workaholic’s Guide to Writing

Wow, great title huh? I would buy this book.  Maybe I will write it as a pet project.  The point is, that I probably won’t, because in reality I am a casual writer.  I want to write a novel, and am slowly doing so, but it never moves forward quickly.

That’s odd though, people who know me would think I could write a novel in a few months, because I’m a workaholic; well, at least when it comes to work.  I struggle to bring the intensity I have at my day job to the writing desk.  And I think I found the issue.

I’m an amateur, and I treat writing like a hobby.  When I find time I write.  If work called however, and a project deadline was at stake, I would be there until 4am, or whenever the job got done.  A dear friend sent me an article (The Writing Life by Ralph McInerny) and it is about how Ralph McInerny became a writer.  He said, “I decided that I would write for commercial markets, not just sporadically, but determinedly, every day, and keep at it for a year, after which if I had not sold anything I would admit to myself that I was not really a writer.

If I want to be successful at writing, I have to treat not as a hobby, but as a job, then maybe I can bring that same dedication and intensity that I do at my day job.  Might I suggest the same to you. We are never going to “find” time to write, we have to MAKE time.

What are some tips you have for motivating your self to keep busy in the writing desk?


  1. Great point Moon. Ralph McInerny is a very good writer (Father Dowling Mysteries and such). Seems to pros are in the habit of writing EVERY SINGLE DAY, without fail (like coffee and a shower). Inspiring.

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