Posted by: C.R. Mooney | August 23, 2011

What Are Publishers Looking For?

I Love Christian Fiction SweepstakesPart of being a published author is not only writing a great novel, but writing something a publisher wants to sell.  I recently participated in a Thomas Nelson survey and it ended up being an insider peek into what publishers are looking for.

It starts with the obvious demographic questions, and moves on to great multiple choice questions that show them what types of books you like.  In doing so, it showed me just how specific some of the criteria are.  Other than genre, it asks about preference on series books, if you like authors that are only genre specific or if you like them to write across multiple genres.  It made me realize there are a lot of people out there writing, and publishers are looking for the ones that fit exactly.

I get no compensation for you taking the survey, but I encourage you to do so as it may help you in the development of your novel or other writing.  Plus you get entered into a drawing for $10,000.  Who couldn’t use that?

Click the here (or the image) to go to the survey.



  1. The survey looked interesting but as I followed it through I found that it was only for people living in the USA. I have enjoyed reading some of those books and was disappointed when I could not do the survey.

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