Posted by: C.R. Mooney | September 17, 2012

Why I Write – Lucie Ulrich

This guest post is by Lucie Ulrich. She’s an avid reader who spent years sharing her passion for writing and storytelling with her middle and high school drama students. She is also author of the newly released book, Broken Vessels with Kirkdale Press. You can follow Lucie on Twitter.

The life of a writer is one most people don’t understand. Sometimes I don’t understand it myself, yet I’m willing to sit at my computer for hours at a time, inflicting emotional pain and anguish on characters I’ve come to feel are real. When I find myself tearing up, I know I’m on the right track.

Not all of my characters are filled with angst, of course. Some are funny, some stern, while others are filled with great wisdom. I take no credit for the wisdom. God always brings the right words at the right time; the right circumstance for one character to reach another. It’s very humbling to know the words I put to paper will be read by people I don’t know—people whose lives may very well be touched by those words. This is why I write.

Determining to seek out a Christian publisher was a no-brainer for me. That’s not to say I have anything against secular publishers. I read and enjoy many secular books as well as Christian ones. It comes down to this: things like love, hate, forgiveness, hope and joy can all be found in secular books. God’s grace and gift of salvation, however, are almost always left out. Though I strive not to preach to my readers, I refuse to ignore those elemental truths.

As a first-time author, I was thrilled when the acquisitions editor for Kirkdale Press requested a full manuscript, then offered me a contract. The fact that they were a new press pleased me even more. I would get to be on the ground floor of a new venture. At my age, new ventures don’t come around all that often, so I grab them whenever I can.

My experiences to date have been primarily positive. Oh, I had my struggles adjusting to the fact that I was to be so hands-on when it came to marketing. Things like creating websites, blogging, tweeting, and contacting other bloggers was foreign to me. Fortunately, I work with people who are supportive, encouraging and knowledgeable. I never feel as though I’m imposing by asking questions, and the responses are quick and helpful.

Writing is my passion, and I’m thankful for a publisher who is allowing me to share that passion with others.

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