Posted by: C.R. Mooney | February 3, 2013

Publisher Proflie: CrossLink Publishing

Once in awhile, I get a request from a publisher to be placed on my List Of Christian Publishers, and I like to ask them a few questions. If you are a publisher (of any size) and would like to be added, please send me an email.

CrossLink PubishingHere is some brief information from Rick Bates of CrossLink Publishing and their submission form:

What makes you unique in the marketplace?

CrossLink is a professional, traditional publishing company. We go out of our way to make ourselves available to both new and experienced authors. Every detail of our publishing process is completely transparent before and during publishing. We pay royalties of 10% of retail price, regardless of the actual sales price, including sales to the author. Authors purchase books at a 55% discount off of retail. Books are published in print format as well as the 7 major eBook formats. CrossLink was honored to produce the 2011 Christian Small Publishers Book of the Year in the Bible Study category.

What type of manuscripts are you looking for?

We seek out material that will benefit Christians looking to grow in their spiritual walk. We accept Christian themed books in the bible study, devotional, inspirational, meditations, and spiritual growth areas.

Do you accept unsolicited manuscripts or queries or are agents required?

We accept quality manuscripts from any source and do not require authors work through an agent. Many of our authors come from The Writers Edge service, but we accept independent submissions via our website ( as well.

What type of promotion will you employ, or will the author be responsible for promotion?

CrossLink advertises books on its website and partners with Ingram, Spring Arbor, Books and More, and other distributors and databases to insure our books are available to over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers, and booksellers. We encourage authors to pursue other promotional avenues to augment our efforts. Our free, proprietary 8-week marketing plan will provide specific guidance and help in jump starting marketing efforts.


  1. This is very helpful. I appreciate it.

    • You’re welcome. If you find other publishers that I have not listed, feel free to let me know. Also, if you end up publishing with a company you found through this blog, I’d love to hear about that as well.

      • For now, my writing is shorter form and a hobby. If I get serious about writing a book, I have some place to start. I am educating myself in case the inspiration and time to write emerge for me.

      • You might check out our new publishing house:

  2. Hello my manuscript was just accepted for publication with Crosslink and I am very excited. Can anyone share their personal experience with Crosslink and tell me what I should expect in the coming weeks?

    • Incredible! I love to hear when this site helps people to get published. If you would like to chronicle your experience, I would love a guest post from you so others know wheat to expect.

      • Please can you give me some advice re: publishing. i have 2 books that I have self published and they are not selling well. i believe that the content is very good! and so do the people who have read them. what i need is good marketing and distribution.


    • I have nothing but praise for them so far. Very easy process of editing and cover design. I never felt like they had hijacked my work. Very respectful with my opinions and patient with my questions. My book goes to print with Crosslink next week!

  3. What is the advantage of using a literary agent and how much do they charge? Thanks in advance.

  4. Contact us today, if you are looking for Christian Christmas Cards, Christian Inspirational Stories, Christian Suffering, Christians in Business and Islamic Terrorism only at

  5. Crosslink sounds like a suitable publisher for my two high-quality completed books of bible readings … but it does not accept submissions from outside North America … that’s unfair, prejudicial … in this age of instant communication etc. one’s “foreign” residence cannot surely be no obstacle …

    my gripe from Australia LOL

  6. Am a Christian writer, I have four manuscripts that I want published. Though I have been writing for 24 years but I have not published any book.
    THE TWO WITNESSES is a manuscript of about 700 pages, I have rewritten this work four times. In this book, the two witnesses are dipicted in the Bible in 7 forms, it unravels the mysteries of GOD that will surprise Biblescholars and theologians.
    THE REBELLION OF THE FIVE STARS AND THE ALTERNATIVE PLAN, it’s about 700 pages. Since principles are derieved through the incidents and stories that took place in the Bible, and through these principles prophecies were pronounced.
    Then the deep foundamental teachings of the Bible in mystery and the oracles of GOD is what this book is all about.
    KING SAUL AND THE WITCH OF EN -DOR, this manuscript is about 150 pages, but the information it contains extend beyond the White Throne presentation between planets Mars and Venus.
    EXCEPT IT BE FOR THE CAUSE OF FORNICATION: As long as translators and Biblescholars insist on using FORNICATION to interchange ADULTERY, EXTRA MERITAL, UNCHASTITY and INFIDELITY, what ever interpretation they give must lay the grounds for divorce.
    There are two sets of husband and wife, the first cannot divorce, these ones can commit adultery against each other. The second should separate since they’re committing fornication with each other.

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