Posted by: C.R. Mooney | October 17, 2014

Publisher Profile: Castle Gate Press

Castle Gate PressCastle Gate Press, looking for manuscripts with a touch of the fantastic

Today our guest writers are Phyllis Wheeler and Suzanne Hartmann of Castle Gate Press.

Thank you for this opportunity to introduce your readers to Castle Gate Press, a new Christian publishing house created by two author/editors, which began accepting submissions in January of 2014. Our desire is to help new authors with well-polished manuscripts that don’t fit well into the standard niches of larger publishing houses. We walk with our authors through the publishing process, from the contract and royalty, through comprehensive editing, to extensive advice and assistance with marketing and publicity.

Castle Gate Press is seeking manuscripts (both agented or unagented) of any genre that have the following:
•       a touch of the unusual and strange  (for example: It’s a Wonderful Life, Back to the Future, Spiderman)
•       a Christian worldview
•       Faith may or may not be overt

Here’s the nitty-gritty you’re probably wondering about:
•       Castle Gate Press is a traditional, royalty-paying press.
•       We offer a 50-50 split of net proceeds, including sale of books to the author.
•       We also provide complete professional editing, covers, print book layout, and e-book creation.
•        We sell print-on-demand books through Ingram, available on request to Amazon and any bookstore or library in the U.S.
•       We sell e-books through a variety of channels, including international.
•       We send advance reader copies to Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, and selected prospective endorsers.
•       We provide publicity assistance, seek local bookstore book signings, and set up a pre-sales page at, while promoting the author on our blog and Facebook page.

If you have a manuscript that contains at least a touch of speculative fiction (or maybe much more than a touch), Castle Gate Press is interested! You can find more information, as well as our submission guidelines and great writing advice at


  1. Respectfully, have you ever struggled with writing and receiving money for the freely given inspiration from God?

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