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The Journey is Worth the Struggle – Cortland Jones

This guest post is by Cortland Jones. His new book, Out of the Darkness releases December 23 with Tate Publishing (blurb below). You can follow Cortland at his blogs (links at bottom), on Twitter, and on Facebook.

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The Journey is Worth the Struggle

A Word of Encouragement for the Aspiring Author

In the process of sharing my insights gained from the experience of becoming a published author, I also express sincere gratitude to blogger Chris Mooney, and others like him, who make information available to aid aspiring authors in their quest to become published. Contemplating what I would say, my hope is that I communicate something helpful, insightful, encouraging, and inspirational to individuals aspiring to make being an author a ‘lifestyle,’ and not just the event of becoming published.

‘Where there is no struggle, there is no progress.’ – Frederick Douglass My journey of becoming published began, in 2000, with the concept of my book, intended to be a devotional for my church community. The process of writing the content for the concept began in 2005. The manuscript was published in February 2014 by Archway Publishing and I have since transitioned to Tate Publishing with a rerelease in October 2014. Writing on the subject of ‘faith,’ I can see the parallel between my content and the practical application I had to encounter in the ‘process’ of writing and transitioning to publishing, marketing, and promotion of the published work. No one part of the process has been easy, but the journey has been worth the struggle.

Transitioning from writing the manuscript through the process of publishing, three concepts come to mind: 1) authenticity, 2) belief, 3) confidence. In the process of writing the content of my concept, I had consistent dialogue, with self and others, about my purpose, motivation, ambition about why I was writing. Ultimately, I do not intend to be satisfied with saying, ‘I am a published author.’ I celebrate my ‘success’ and appreciate the process that has led to achieving this personal goal, but the event of being published coincides with the ultimate goal of being a distinguished, published author and enjoying a ‘lifestyle’ supported by the ‘success, or prosperity’ of the published work(s). So the consistent ‘dialogue’ helped me be ‘authentic’ about identifying where I’m striving to go in the process of being involved with the work as a published author. My authenticity enabled me to embrace and accept the demands of the work associated with the process of marketing and promotion once the manuscript was published, while still working a full-time job as an educator.

While writing my manuscript, dialoguing about the authenticity of the purpose, motivation of the ‘why’ I was writing, I encountered multiple paradigm shifts that challenged my ‘belief’ in what I was doing. While writing, do I ‘believe’ what I am doing is worth what I am going through in order to succeed in becoming published? Am I ‘confident’ in myself, regardless of what I encounter, what I am doing will result in what I aspire to? So now, everything that occurs, like finding Chris Mooney’s blog, becomes ‘fuel’ for me to continue my journey and my struggle towards the ‘lifestyle’ I aspire to! May God bless your efforts!

OutOfTheDarknessOut of the Darkness is an insightful resource providing biblical references from both the Old and New Testament books of the bible intended to enlighten and encourage growth in the grace and truth of Christ on the subject of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. A personal testimony of knowledge gained on the subject of salvation through life experiences, Out of the Darkness encourages consideration to God’s invitation of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ by providing insight on the subject of darkness and how God uses both ‘circumstantial darkness’ and ‘spiritual darkness’ to lead open hearts into a personal, intimate encounter with God leading to a journey into the marvelous light of His love and relationship with His Son Jesus Christ that touches, changes and transforms open hearts to be a blessing as they are blessed by His grace.

Follow Cortland’s blogs:– inspired insights from the grace & truth of Jesus Christ– a word of encouragement for the Educator– encouragement for separation, divorce, co-parenting challenges– insight & encouragement for the young adult


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