Posted by: C.R. Mooney | February 25, 2015

Publisher Profile: Charisma House

Charisma HouseCharisma House and its imprints do not accept Unsolicited manuscripts. Their imprints are Charisma House, Passio, FrontLine, Siloam, and Realms.

They offer both traditional and co-publishing options to authors.

Charisma House offers two paths to publish your book: traditional publishing through Charisma House and co-publishing through Creation House. For traditional publishing,  you must use a literary agent and send a proposal.

Their co-publishing option is through their Creation House imprint. One interesting note is that they monitor the co-published books and the ones that show some promise may open up doors for that author to be offered a traditional book deal.

The link to Charisma House’s Guidelines

The link to Creation House’s Guidelines


  1. I have been been enjoying your posts for some time. Wondering if you could recommend a good agent willing to take me on who does not have to be in
    Australia as I am, or for any advice you may have. I have written a Christian based romance/adventure/drama, suitable for all ages about a young girls journey. I am not interested in self publishing.

    • Thank you! I will be posting more often. I do not however have a list of agents. If I do run into a resource that will help, I will pass it along.

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