List of Christian Publishers

Here is a short list of Christian publishers and a link to their websites and submission guidelines (when available).  I hope to be adding to this soon.

I have broken these up into two main categories: Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts and Not Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts.  Since many publishers do not accept unsolicited proposals or manuscripts, please read my article “Submitting to Christian Publishers” for different ways to submit manuscripts to these publishers.

Also, the same Christian publisher may be listed in both groups if they are accepting for one genre, but not for others (e.g.  Zondervan) .

(Please notify me of any broken links. Also, if their submission form asks how you found who you were referred by, please mention my blog.)

Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts:

New to the list:

Castle Gate Press


5 Fold Media

Bob Jones University Press

CLADACH Publishing

Creation House – (Co-Publishers: a hybrid of traditional and self-publishing)

Destiny Image

Kirkdale Press

Meriwether Publishing (Theatre related books and plays)

Rainbow Publishers

Signalman Publishing, and their guidelines:

Sweetwater Still Publishing Company and their publishing guidelines

Fiction Only:

Castle Gate Press

Moody Publishers*

Nonfiction Only:

Abingdon Press

Augsburg Fortress

Beacon Hill Press

Brazos Press

College Press Publishing

CrossLink Publishing  (Submission Form)

Group Publishers

Health Communications

Judson Press

Ponder Publishing (combination traditional/self-publishing) in Canada


Short Stories:



Christianity Today

Children’s Ministry Magazine (Scroll down the page)

Focus on the Family: Thriving Family
Focus on the Family: Clubhouse Magazine writer’s guidelines
Focus on the Family: Clubhouse Jr. Magazine writer’s guidelines

Group Publishers



Only able to submit via literary agents,  Christian Manuscript Submissions or Writer’s Edge manuscript service:


Baker Books

Barbour Publishing

Bethany House (via Baker)

B&H Publishing Group

Charisma House (Several Imprints)

Focus on the Family


Harrison House Publishers

Harvest House Publishers

Kregel Publications

NavPress (via Tyndale)

Random House

Thomas Nelson


WaterBrook Press

Zondervan (published through HarperCollins)

Fiction Only:

Abingdon Press

Zondervan (via HarperCollins)

Nonfiction Only:

Cook Communications

Discovery House Publishers

Moody Publishers*


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    • Brazos Press is a broken link.

      • I fixed it and moved them to only accepting unsolicited non-fiction. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Interested in publishing memoirs of life on the foreign mission field — a solo flight in single-engine Stinson from Chicago to Bolivia; flying missionaries to remote areas to find nomadic tribes; ministering to savages in the jungle. Tells also about 5 men martyred in the jungles. Covers about 20 years in foreign missionary service, bringing the Gospel to the unreached.

  3. I am a new writer and I would like to see what kind of format that your company requires. Thank you, Carolyn martinez

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I am also an aspiring author, not a publisher, and do not accept manuscripts. This site is just a resource site that I am running where you can find information on writing and getting published. Clicking on any of the above links will take you to that publisher’s submission guidelines.

      Thank and good luck!

      – chris mooney

      • Chris,
        Thank you so much for doing this for us, and may God bless ALL your efforts. In His name, Jacqueline

  4. I work for a publishing company in Canada, Ponder Publishing, and I know that we are taking submissions as well.

    • Thank you, I have added your company to the list under: Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts: Nonfiction Only.


    • I have an inspirational verse that I would like to get published in Christian bookstores.

      Where do I begin?

      • I am writing a christian book ,entitled “The Great Outcry For The True Gospel” ,and I am searching out for a printing press which can be interested in printing the book

        As the title of the book suggests , the book is all about awakening to the true gospel , a divinely inspired revival call world wide to the true gospel of salvation in this era of the new which is by faith in Christ Jesus , alongside key virtues as faith , love , grace. The gospel of today has been so ravaged by heartless pimps , doctors and professors of junk so to say like creflo dollar , kenneth copeland , thompson leroy , t j .jakes , and many more who have set aside the truth , and for reason of greed and ego are teaching the people damnable prosperity doctrines , why pathetically they are only escorting from the people to enrich themselves.The great outcry seeks to redress issues such as tithes , sowing of seeds , the body and blood of Christ , giving in this new era , salvation through Christ alone etc.
        The great outcry also seeks to reveal to the world the deplorable state the church and body of Christ is in today as God has showing me in dreams and visions the evil atrocities supposed men of God are carrying out in the name of God today in the churches worldwide , Europe and America most especially

        It seeks also to tell the church of God the message God has for it today .

        Anyone interested can write me on , i will honestly appreciate worthy advice .

    • Thanks, Cindy

    • Are you interested in Children’s Christian Books?

      • Yes I am! I have written a children’s book which is about the nativity of Our Lord. I is a picture book and I would love to have someone read it but I do not have $3,000.00 to have it published. Whatever happened to the concept of the author getting paid instead of paying to get published?

  5. I am looking for a traditional publisher who can publish my two books. A fantasy-Fiction and another one is Christian general fiction… and hopefully turn into a movie.

    Please contact me on with any information. I will send you the manuscripts

    • Can you give a brief description about both your books. Also do let me know whether these are the only books you wrote or did any of your books got published ? if they are published are they successful ? We can only publish books of high standards. So we need your educational details which must be from top universities and the grades you acquired. So do reply as soon as possible along with your CV as covering letter.

      Ravi Prathap Varma

      • Dear Ravi,

        I wrote two books and I have recently started the sequel for my first book. None of the books are published, yet.

        Please send me an address to send you the required details.


    • You can email me the details at

      • Ravi – how arrogant and condescending to require such educational standards. Are you saying that if you did not graduate from a “top university” then you could not possible write high quality book. That is absurd. Most PhDs I know hardly qualify as experts in anything. What do your grades – from say 40 years ago – have to do with writing a high standard book? Answer is nothing. You should be looking for books with paradigm shifting ideas that seek the truth.

    • Christian Publishing Hous is a new, and we are accepting manuscripts.

  6. I also work for a Christian publishing company out of Canada, Revival Nation Publishing. So far, most of our authors are from the States. We would love for authors to submit their manuscripts on our website for publishing consideration.

    • Thank you, I have added your company to the list under: Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts: Fiction/Nonfiction.


    • Are you still accepting manuscripts? Having trouble tracking down revival nation publishing on the web… Thanks.

      • Until further notice, Revival Nation Publishing’s website is removed from my list. I have contacted them to see if the site has moved, or if they have closed, and I have not received a response.

        – mooney

  7. I’ve written quite an earthy ‘hope-of-heaven’ style fictional novel but it’s aimed at an unchurched audience so it might offend the wider Christian audience. Any ideas on publishers I should talk to?

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  10. I am interested in finding a publisher for a devotional type manuscript I have. Who are the best people to discuss this with?

  11. I am a new Christian writer, and now seeking a publisher to contract my book. “Remembering True Love,” is a memoir about family addiction.
    I am a self-published author, and was truly inspired to write the book.
    I have received, wonderful reviews on the book. Its Christian, funny, life in Germany, miracles, and a blessing to families who live with addictions.
    I also have a poety book, coming out in January. Please, let me know if I may send a copy of my book. You may review my Bio. at: Xlibris Publishing Company. Remembering True Love, Carrie Keeton

    Thank You,


    Carrie Keeton
    Carolyn L. Keeton

    • Who or how did you get your poetry published. I have quite a few Christian poems people tell me that I should publish

  12. I am looking for someone who will be willing to publish a booklet done on how to choose the right translation of the bible for you and your family.

  13. Thanks for being a source of info for new writers. I have a family story for Christmas. Are there any
    particular publishing houses that are interested in
    stories of this type?

  14. I’d love to see a resource on Christian agents, or at least agents who will consider writing with a Christian worldview.

    • There is a resource for this., the 2011 Guide To Literary Agents. This is not exclusively for Agents selling Christian works, but there is a section that covers them. Here is a link to it at Amazon.

  15. I am a Christian from India . I have written a book from my real life experience – How Jesus Taught Me To Forgive & Love . 6979 People from 119 countries read the book through I am looking for a publisher

  16. I have a Children’s book that I am hoping I can get published. Do you know of any publisher’s looking for Children books?

    • Hmmm. I haven’t really looked into children’s books too much. I would recommend going to the bookstore, finding similar works to your own, and see who published them. Most companies list their guidelines on their website.
      I also would recommend looking for an agent. A short list can be found here:

      Thanks for stopping by!

      – mooney

      • Thanks so much for all your help.

      • and are both Free publishers for all types of books and Christian books. I use them myself! is an excellent place to publish your books for Kindle in a digital format. I have my book there too! It’s all free .. no costs whatsoever!

    • Hi there,

      Check out Ideals Children’s Books (Ideals Publications).

    • Debbie,
      I am also a Christian Children’s book author. Maybe we can email each other resources we’ve found?

  17. I am really appreciative of this resource you’ve put up and I will do a lot of research based on this list!

    • Awesome! Let me know if you find anything I can add to the site.

      – mooney

  18. hi, I am a primary school teacher- though wanting to publish some material- where do i start? x

  19. Hi, I have written a compiltion of letters from authentic women who lived in Old Testament times to real women of today. It is historical fiction and includes relevant topics such as: rape, incest, finding freedom in marriage without losing intimacy, forgiveness and walking by faith in impossible situations, etc. It gives hope to the down trodden and celebrates the accomplishments of women down through the ages. Where do I go from here to find a publisher? Thanks for any advice. Rita Kroon

    • Thanks for stopping by rite. I am not quite sure. I recommend going to your local book store, or even just amazon, and searching historical fiction. Look for work that is similar to what you want to do, and see who published it (since these publishers will be open to similar titles). Most publishers have their guidelines at their website. This may even reach outside of the Christian genre into mainstream publishers.

      – mooney

    • Rita,
      I’m not a publisher, but I’m very interested in your work, as mental health concerns are areas of study the original authors knew nothing about. Drop me a note if you’d like.


  20. Thanks for the tip. I am encouraged to think outside the Christian genre. I am off to the bookstore to search!

  21. I write Christian Fiction and as I was typing ‘Blueline Bible’ in to do a word study on covenant, this page came up. Now, I don’t know how, but that is why I serve God. He always knows what we stand in need of and He always encourages us. I will now proceed to find a publisher. Also looking for an agent should one read this. Blessings,

    • Awesome! Thanks for stopping by then, and I hope you find the information here useful. I made a recent post about a list of agents Michael Hyatt of Thomas Nelson put together. You should check it out.

      – mooney

      • I offer to suggest to your inquiries that they can go to and they can get their books all published for free. not needing any agent.. it’s a free self-publishing platform. I’ve got my book done there just 2 days ago. and no cost to me whatsoever. I really like them. They also get you hooked up with to do it in digital format. Also. https://smashwords does it all for free for all types of books for Christians and non-Christians.. whether it be fiction or non-fiction..

  22. This is the introduction for my book. Written to inspire young people to look to God in the midst of their dispair.
    I have not had anything published, however I am driven to write based on what I believe God to be telling me. Our time is running short and if you are focusing on what you want instead of what God wants you may miss the boat.

    Thank-you for your comments…I wait for them!!

    I wrote this book for all of the people who sit alone thinking there is no hope for where they are. Hopelessness is an ugly word and an even worse feeling. I felt hope less in grade school, and again in high school. I remember my mom saying, “high school is going to be some of the best times of your life.” At the time, the thought that things were only going to get worse made me want to throw up.
    It is a harsh time when everyone around you sees a happy person, yet the reality is you don‘t know if you can make it through another day! There is no one to talk to, your life is crumbling, and you believe there are no answers! If you could tell someone what would you say? How could you explain a feeling that you do not understand yourself?
    There are days when going to the garage, starting the car and just falling asleep sounds like the only answer. I hate to say that; yet, there were too many days when I felt this way.

    Hopelessness is like a virus. It travels through your body infecting all areas of your life. A virus you cannot detect until one day you really can’t see any reason to stay alive. How did you get there? Where did this virus come from, and most of all with whom do you turn for help?
    Understand if you feel this way, there is a place to turn.


  23. Sites like this are a blessing. I’ve written two non-fiction books (one of which is adapted from a seminar I used to give for Youth With A Mission), three novels and a collection of plays (all produced, all soul-winners). They’re all “critically acclaimed”, but publishers shy away from them. One writer friend said writers’ conferences are the best way in to the market, but I can’t afford to get to them. I’m not sure what I’m asking for here; maybe I just needed to vent. thanks for the opportunity. God bless, and write on! Oops! Almost forgot to mention: the novels DID get published, but only as ebooks on They’ve been wonderful to work with, and they make it possible to continue to market the manuscripts (without their edits) to traditional publishers.

    • Thanks Steve! Just keep putting it out there. I am working on a novel (Clarity), and have written some short stories, it’s the reason I started this site. I started compiling information on writing and publishing and knew there had to be other people out there looking for the same material. God bless!

      CR Mooney

  24. I have looked at several sites for publishing and they all want you to give them one of ‘their’ reasons that you want to get publilshed. How about there has to be a reason that over the past fifteen years I’ve been unable to drop all this stuff.
    I don’t know what catagory my stuff goes in, either. One would have to be religious fiction, I suppose but there’s another that confuses me. It is a shifted pardigm different point-of-view piece. The pov is that of the prime antagonist and the setting is episodes from the four gospels.
    Do you have any ideas? Thanks

    • thanks for stopping in Chris! I think in asking those types of questions, they are using your response as a prescreening process. Some people are great at writing a novel, but not so great at communicating their enthusiasm. In today’s publishing world, the writer does a lot of the promo work, so they need to know if you’re up to the task.

      As for which publisher is appropriate? That’s the million dollar question.

    • category suggestions for Chis would be:
      christian-fiction, christian stories, religious stories…. to name a few.

      • Hello Peggy and God bless. I am almost finished with my children’s christian book. You mentioned you published your book on createwords and smashplace. Do they offer an editing service? I am also looking promoting my book. Would you mind sharing with me how you published your book? Please email me with your info. I would greatly appreciate it.

        Thank you in advance and God bless,

  25. Good morning, at the urging of many (as well as in my spirit) I am now in search for a publisher for a short story I’ve written. It is what I would call maybe Christian fantasy?

    I have other things I’ve written and self-published and a body of work that I have not published. These things range from prose, poetry and songs to short stories and faerie tales.

    The leading to find a publisher has become urgent within me. Any help would be appreciated.

    Jennifer Swan Hopkins

  26. I have written several christian poems and people tell me I should publish them. There
    is not enough for a book but I just thought about them being published in Christian
    magazines or books. A couple have been made into songs. I”m not looking to get rich,
    just thought maybe they might inspire someone.

    Thank you for your help
    Maxine Shipps

  27. Jennifer and Maxine:
    You have similar interests in the publishing of short fiction and poetry. Unfortunately, I’m not a publisher, I’m just a guy who enjoys writing. I don’t have an answer right now though I am trying to find publications like this. Just keep checking back.

    – mooney

  28. Glad I found your site–I am a WordPress user also!

  29. Dear C.R.,

    TY for your reply – Your list as it was helped, thank you! I sent my story off to a couple of publishers.

    As an aside, I’ve also just completed a painting inspired by the story. I called it “I’ll fly away”. I love it! It is on my FaceBook page if you’d like to see it.

    Sending blessings, JSH


    Check out my blog, too: – good reading ♥

    • Awesome! and it’s just “mooney” Let me know if your stories are published anywhere, it would be the first published work (that I know of) from someone using my site!

  30. Hi,
    I find this, site very informative. I wrote a Christian fiction called The Shepherd which was published in India and released in December 2010. I am now looking for a publisher for an international market. Any idea how I can go about it.


  31. Hi Chris,
    FYI Abingdon Press and Moody Publishing don’t accept unsolicited fiction proposals. Both require that the author go through an agent or that they meet one of their editors at a writing conference. There are only a handful of publishers that are still open to unsolicited fiction mss. I’ve used Writer’s Edge Service in the past and have been contacted by publishing houses through their service. Do you or anyone here know who is open to Christian fiction btw 800 and 1,500 words in length? This site is a good resource for aspiring writers to follow.

    • I’ll look into it and adjust accordingly! Thanks for the heads up!

    • OK. I moved Abington Press, but according to Moody’s site, they do accept unsolicited fiction, but non-fiction must be through an agent, etc.

      I am looking to publish some short fiction as well and will post anything I find. If you run across anything, please let me know and I’ll add it.

  32. Hi Chris!
    My name is Rob Teem and I’m with Market Source, Inc. in Atlanta. We cater to self publishers and publishers in the like in doing short run perfect bound books. I’d like to chat with you if you have some time about what we do. We have A LOT of customers in the Christian community.

  33. Still looking for a magazine that accepts christian poetry. Have quite a few

  34. What a wonderful resource. Thank you!

  35. I, too have a finished product (for a picture book) about Christmas. Another 2 titles are on the revision stage. Tis true that for picture books, it’s best to browse through books and check out the publishers that seem compatible with your style/ideas.

    Ideals Children’s Books accepts submissions. They publish fiction/non-fiction for children ages 4 to 8. They also publish magazines.

    Candy Cane Press publishes boardbooks and novelty books for children 2 to 5 years of age.

    God bless.

  36. Btw, check out The Market List (the online resource for genre fiction writers).
    They’ve got tons of publishers (not necessarily Christian publishers).

  37. Also check out this site:

  38. Broken link: Destiny Image:

  39. The following website links are broken:

    Destiny Image
    Meriwether Publishing (Theatre related books and plays)
    Group Publishers
    Wm.B.Eerdmans – Eerdmans Style Guides for Authors

  40. Thank you Kevin and Louvenia, These have all been updated:
    Destiny Image
    Meriwether Publishing (Theatre related books and plays)
    Group Publishers

  41. I’m a Christian artist looking for publisher’s who need art. I am also interested in publishing a book of my art and why I do what I do. I have no clue what am doing and need some help! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Blessings, Donna

  42. Wish I would have found your site a long time ago. I am a senior citizen who started writing after having some health problems about eight years ago and have four books published through differeny publishers, but not through a traditional publisher. Two are trying to get people to learn the Bible (Does Your Flame Flicker?)–(Afraid to Read the Bible?)–and two are fiction but also factual stories from the Bible.–(Abishag, the Half Wife)–(The Seventy Seventh Day). But I need to know who would be best to contact for the book I am writing at present, which is based on all the angels in the Bible. It is a study book of the Bible with all contents about all the angels (Bad and good) from the Book of Genesis throught the Book of Revelation, in laymans terms, for as I taught the Bible to both children and adults and found out that people do not understand words in the Bible. This book will even contain deffinitions of words as they read and will take the student trough the Bible twice.
    Grampa Ed (Retired Author–In The Making)

    • Hi Ed, Thanks for leaving your thought. It’s awesome that you are writing about your passions and trying to pass your wisdom on to others. My advice is to find books similar to the ones you have written (devotionals, studies, historical Christian fiction) in a bookstore or online, then see who published them. Once you have a list, stop back here and click through to their submission guidelines.

      If they aren’t listed here, let me know by comment or email, and I will look it up and add them to the list here.

  43. Are you a budding writer? If so, we would like to hear from you.

    Publishing company Guinea Pig Education is currently looking for authors of children’s short stories, of any genre, for ages 5-13 years. We are also interested in hearing from teachers or writers who have prepared educational or teaching materials in any subject area, for age ranges 5-13 years, which may be suitable for publishing.

    If you think you have some suitable work and would like your work to be considered for publishing, please send a copy of your manuscript, clearly marked with your name, address and e-mail address, plus a cheque for £25.00 (as a reading fee) made payable to Guinea Pig Education. Please provide a stamped addressed envelope if you would like your work returned to you.

    All manuscripts will be carefully considered by Guinea Pig Education’s editorial team and will be returned with appropriate feedback. Successful applicants will be informed within two months of their manuscripts being received.

  44. I have just finished a Christian manuscript and am looking to get it published. I contacted Westbow Publishers, but they would only communicate over the phone when I am busy at work and not near one.
    Could you recommend a publisher for me?

    Many Thanks,

    Jim Slyk

  45. I am a Messianic believer, freelance translator and author from Madrid SPAIN. I have translated a total of 119 books into SPANISH so far and can provide extensive information with the list of books and a second list of 129 articles translated for an encyclopedia in Madrid. I am also an author, have one novel published in Spanish, a second one in English and would like to see my third novel (in English) published too, but at this time I certainly can’t afford paying thousands of dollars, which I NEVER had to pay to see the other two published, which I do not have and I would not be willing to pay, as there are many more pressing needs in our family. What can you advice me to do please? My name email address are:

    Thank you,

    Ms. Rhode Flores
    Magnolia, Texas


  46. I have written a children’s book. I’m not an artist but know what I’d like the pictures to look like. Which publisher or publishers should I be talking with? I looked through the list but not many mention being willing to take on a children’s book. Thanks for any help!

    • I’m a christian artist that lives in Spruce grove, Alberta Canada. I would love to illustrate your story. I just completed writing the story of David and Goliath in rhyme and I am looking for a publisher, maybe you have some idea’s.
      Karen Manganye

  47. Has any of you ever checked out ? They help Christian writers like us get fine tuned. Great place with lots of fellow believers.

  48. I like many others have written a children’s book on the Nativity. I am waiting on an illustrator because it is primarily a picture book. How do I go about finding a publisher who would be interested?

    • Thanks for stopping by my site. I am not quite sure. I recommend going to your local book store, or even just amazon, and looking through similar books. See who published it since the publisher will be open to similar titles. Most publishers have their guidelines at their website.Remember not to restrict yourself to Christian publishers. And smaller publishing houses are more likely to take on new authors as a stepping stone to the big houses.

      – mooney

  49. Any suggestions as to which publisher would be the best fit for my story of walking with faith through the darkness of military loss this year? My husband was killed in action and I have written this year about learning to live without the man I spent my whole adult life with, not having a place to call home, having to make decisions that normal people do not have to make, dealing with the media, and dealing with the unthinkable violence of having my husband assassinated by someone he trusted.

    • Wow. First, I’m so sorry your husband died. Thank you for your family’s sacrifice, I can’t imagine.

      Second. I really don’t know what publisher best suits your book. I would say make the manuscript as clean (edits) as possible and start submitting to publishers with similar memoir/biography type titles already published. Submit to agents also.

      Another thought is to self-publish, It’s getting more popular and if you can do the marketing right and create a real platform for the book, I would send a copy to everyone I could.

      It sounds like a powerful story.

    • Hello. I am sorry for your loss. Your story could be a great source of encouragement to others as sadly, this is a season for loss. I would suggest you try RMS1437 Publishing. They are a traditional publishing company and offer many benefits to new writers. The web address is They may be able to work with you. Blessings, keep sharing your story in any platform the Lord would provide. I agree with C.R. Mooney. This sounds like a powerful story. Blessings to you!

  50. Thank you so much for this list. I just found your blog and it is very informative. I wonder if since the time you posted this list, anybody has gotten back to you to report any success stories of published manuscripts thanks to sending queries to the companies here listed? It would be great to know! It would certainly encourage me to finally send my first query letter : )

    • Great question! No one has given any feedback if they have been published with the help of my site.

  51. I’m legally blind, and have written about my10-year journey obtaining a guide dog. The right dog for me. i chronicle my need, process in applying, and my account at two differing schools. i show how God taught me to trust His leading, and how He provided, and the struggles i went through, to become a compotent guide dog user.My book is both informative, and inspirational, and would fit into several genres. i’m a bit confused as to format. Where can ”i find help with this issue? We have a known author at our church, and I’m trying to make contact with him,as well. Thanks.

  52. I have completed my first manuscript and submitted it to two publishing companies. Both accepted my proposal and offered me a contract. The catch is both involved self-publishing. i would prefer the traditional publishing route as I want someone to evaluate my work on its own merit not my ability to pay. Any suggestions?

  53. Hello, My name is Farrah and I am a fairly new writer. I have been writing christian children’s books for a while now and I have one finished, one almost finished and two more in progress. Have you heard of any publishers that are willing to publish children’s short stories from new authors? My stories are fiction but teach various different truths about God. I have been stuck trying to figure out where to go from here. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Writing a children’s book? I am a professional illustrator, please contact me should you require my services for a free estimate/consultation.

  54. Hello. My name is Ishmael. I am looking for a publisher. The Lord has blessed me with so wisdom and knowledge and some i have put in writing. I am new, but i am talented-glory to God. Its a new experience for me but i knew it was coming and it surely going to lead to this. so what can i do, who should i go for. I attend Henderson State University and presently an international student at Henderson State University-sophomore. Any help, suggestions, or a good word is greatly appreciated!

  55. Thank you and God bless you.

  56. hello, my name is kingsley.a producer . pls am looking for a nice publisher for my works

    • Kingsley,

      Could you please share a bit more about your books? Or, you can email me directly at

      Jeremiah Zeiset
      LIFE SENTENCE Publishing

      • ok sir, one of my wrk is a monthly christain magazine. a full colored wrk

  57. Please consider adding LIFE SENTENCE Publishing to this list. We’re at, and what is unique about our company is that we’re a hybrid between self-publishing and a traditional house. Your book will be edited, proofread, and marketed, provided that it fits our publishing criteria (visit our website to learn more).

    We heavy promoters of ebooks, believing that this is a once-in-a-generation opportunity, not having seen such a first-mover opportunity/advantage since the invention of the printing press. Think about it – ereaders have moved the bookstore into reader’s living rooms… How cool is that?!

  58. CrossLinkPublishing is accepting submissions for nonfiction books:

  59. Dear friends,

    I am Zemen Endale from Ethiopia, looking for discipleship teaching materials for new converts, so that we may translate and make available for the Christian community in their local languages.

    I’ll appreciate your concern and sending me via information via my email address.



  60. Sincerely, I have written some ten (10) books. On this note, I would be glad to get publishers accept my manuscript for perusal and consideration. Indeed many people around who have gone through the raw manuscript tip them as suitable for the international audience.
    I would be glad to work with any publisher from any part of the world.

  61. I am in the process of writing my first christian fiction novel, and currently have over 40,000 words. The novel itself will end up somewhere between 60,000 and 100,000 words which from what I’ve learned online is the recommended length for a novel of this type. Do you know if this is accurate or not?? This novel will end up being a series. Second, I have let dozens of people read what I have written so far, and the response has been incredible. But this is new for me and I have many questions. Do publishers prefer the entire novel, or how much do they typically need/want to decide if this is something they’d be interested in publishing? Is it better to have some kind of agent or just to submit the novel yourself? I’m also curious as to what can be expected financially out of a first novel as I’m not looking to be taken advantage of just because this is my first novel? Can you give me any idea of what is normal and what normally takes place in the process? I am truly looking for information and advice from anyone who may know how I should proceed, and would appreciate any feedback you can give me. Thanks in advance, God bless you.

  62. sbennett,

    Based on your questions alone, there is no way to provide answers of substance. For example, there is no way to answer the question concerning what can be expected financially, as the quality of your book and how well it’s received will determine your financial reward.

    Concerning the length – you’re in the ballpark. Keep in mind that the number is simply the length most novels historically have been. However, some bestsellers have been much longer, some much shorter. There are few concrete rules.

    Manuscript submission – at LSP, we prefer the entire manuscript. The big six are more concerned about the book proposal than the manuscript, as the main concern really is how well you’ll promote the book. You will simply need to work with each publisher to find out what they want from you – an agent is a good help for this. Know though, that if you are a new author, you may be wasting time and money as most publishers today aren’t accepting unsolicited manuscripts. In such a case, a hybrid company like ours is your best choice.

    You might want to visit our website at for more information about our publishing company. Good luck with your manuscript. Writing a book is so exciting, and it’s a wonderful thing to be at the point of being ready to publish!

    Warm regards,

    Jeremiah Zeiset
    LIFE SENTENCE Publishing

    • I agree with Jeremiah. The best way to know what a publisher is looking for/offering is to visit their website. Sometimes the information is buried ten pages back, and that is why I started this list.

      I recommend that you look at other books in the genre you write yours in and start looking into the publishers of those books. Google searches can also help. My list here is pretty short, so picking up a copy of The Christian Writer’s Market Guide ( can be most useful.

      My last note is that I have found most publishers expect first time novelists to have a completed work. By that I mean it has been written and edited to the point you believe it is ready to publish.

      Thanks for stopping by my site, and thanks Jeremiah for your assist.

  63. I have written, illustrated, and submitted children’s Christian stories in the past, but the last few years I have focused more on the illustration process. I am hoping to hook up with a Christian publishing house as one of their illustrators. I have illustrated books for many clients who have self-published in the past.

    • Natalie, I am working on expanding my site with some different lists, including Illustrators. Is it OK if I contact you for your information when I add this to my site?

  64. For the past 3 1/2 years I have been writing Bible Studies on various books of the New Testament, as well as topical studies in an easy to read form, and have been posting them on line at a Christian Blog site. I feel led to get the studies out to as many people as possible. Ultimately I would like to have these studies available on Kindle books. My goal is to reach as many people as possible, for being involved in other ministries I have come to see how many Christians are really lacking understanding of God’s Word, and as Paul I would like to impart to them a spiritual gift of teaching so many might grow in grace and knowledge of Him. I am willing to send the link of the Christian Blog site for any who would be interested in reviewing what I have done.

  65. Hi i am an evangelist from Mauritius.. i am planning on writting books.. i already started and the style now is like explaining a topic biblicaly using key scriptures to support the teachings.. and i wanted to know which publish house can publish my book eventhough i am not in the U.S.. i would want the book to be on market in the U.S first before moving to other countries.. so i ask humbly, could you help me.. please..

  66. Howdy, I want bare bones publisher for my Christian book on Salvation, who is the cheapest publisher around who would give good distribution rights – if you know any? In Australia preferably as it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg for shipping books to me. Thanks a bunch.

    • is totally free, and you can have your book published and distributed world-wide within 24 hrs. I did mine just 2 days ago.. It’s all free!

  67. Hi Chris,

    Instructory Press is a Christian publishing company based out of New York City: We publish only Christian non-fiction at this point, but are hoping to add another imprint next year for fiction.

    We specialize in working with first time authors and blend elements from a traditional publishing company with those of a self publishing company. We have one of the top cover designers working with us and specialize in heavy marketing/promotion for our clients.


  68. I’ve recently had to honor of getting to know an amazing Christian man. His name is Robert, but he goes by ‘Bicycle Bob’. The reason he goes by that name is the reason for this e-mail. Bicycle Bob has traveled over 10,000 miles on a bicycle, preaching Gods word and love to everyone he meets. He lives in FL, but has rode to Canada and back a handful of times and stops in Ohio to see us during his trips. He has had the most amazing experiences and uses those to share the word of Christ. He has had everything stolen, bikes break, he’s been ran over more times than I can stomach hearing about, been bitten by dogs, harassed by people, run off the road by cars for having a “Jesus Saves” sign on the back of his bike (don’t let my description fool you, it’s a very large sign on neon orange poster board). Throughout all his trial and tribulations, his faith has never wavered, he’s never questioned Gods plan or had any doubts about anything. Bicycle Bob is the most humble and sincere person I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and I feel his story could be a huge source of inspiration to many.
    Every town he stops in he touches someone’s life in one way or another and I always make the comment “someone needs to write a book about this man!”. That is the reason for this e-mail. I wanted to try and figure out how I could approach this and see about getting something published about him. Any help you could give me on where to turn would be much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

    P.s. he doesn’t get online much in his travels, but when he does, he logs into Facebook to record where he’s at, what he’s seen and how God is impressing on his life. Feel free to take a look at his profile, it’s public for all to see. If you search for “bicycle bob” you will find him. Thanks again for your time.

    • Wow, what an amazing man! Are you looking to write this yourself? There are a couple of ways. You can collect stories of individuals (with their permission) and write a story of how he has affected lives, write an authorized biography where you interview him and others he has come in contact with, or write an unauthorized biography.

      If you are looking for another individual to write this, keep posting places like this or search forums for ghost writers or other freelance writers.

      I hope this puts you on the right path. Anyone else have thoughts?

  69. Hi,
    I am a translator from India with 7 years of experience in translating Books, Bibles, Commentaries, articles, etc., from English to Indian languages such as Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Oriya languages. I have a team working with me and we can do translations from English to any of the Indian languages. So kindly advice us if you have any opportunity in your firm.

    We can assure you a good quality translation for a minimum cost.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Sunu Daniel, India, +91 94 70 20 33 56

    • Thank you Sunu, I will keep this information available here in case it is useful for others.

    • Hi Sunu,

      Can you contact me at

  70. Hello,
    I have written a daily planner since year 2000 to 2006 having close encounters with God. My wife was a Buddhist and The Lord had manifested to her in many occasions. We had trips to heaven in many occasions and for my amazement all that we see there it’s written in the bible.
    Since 1997 when my wife and i got toghether we had many miracles to count on. The Lord had said to me that it was time for me to learn more of him. I then attended a bible university for almost 5 years. The Lord has giving us dreams, visions to spread the gospel starting in Mexico then to the world.
    It’s been an amazing journey and sometimes disappointed but I would not change it for anything.

    It would me better for me if I could get in touch with a publisher who speaks both English and Spanish.

    • I am getting more comments regarding bilingual publishers. Let me see what I can find as I do not currently know of any. I am sure they are out there though.

  71. I am a full time middle school English teacher so therefore a part time writer. I love teaching but my passion is writing and never have enough hours in the day to work enough time to write. I just submitted yet another query letter. I wish publisher would be honest and tell one right out front if they are a vanity publishing house. If they are I would not submit a query and waste precious time that I do have writng query letters for nothing.

    • Keep on submitting! None of them are a waste as each time you do something, you get better at it. And you would rather wait for a publisher that is the right fit than to accept a contract from someone who truly doesn’t believe in you.

  72. I have a theology degree, and last year wrote a Christmas story as a childrens project for our childrens church. The kids illustrated it and we made it into a book and printed just under 200 copies. It was a roaring success and loads of people are saying we should seriously look into publishing it. Kids love the story but also adults. It has also been read by non church folk, who think it’s great. We could go down the self publishing track, but I just want to see if it’s worth looking into a publishing company. I have no idea where to start..

  73. I feel a urge to write a book… It has grown stronger and stronger over the years until now when I feel that I had to post this here to see what you all think.And if anyone knows a publisher I can use. please PM me.Its about several deeply touching experiences I have had personally with God, over the years from child hood til now.Most importantly Its about the most devout “Christian” I ever knew and her walk with God,my Grandmother. I think she and her life and death experience that I witnessed as a child is why I trust God so deeply. That death experience with my grandmother would be lost forever If I should die with out telling it I am the last living person that knows what happened the day my grandmother took her final breath;and It simply cant be. I really would appreciate being sent to the right publisher to start this book with Thank You

  74. Shirley,
    Take your time and write on, but check your spelling, grammer, etc.. Also see how the company you are thinking about wants the manuscript, by e-mail or mailed to them in paper form. Also most want it in double spaced with three
    spaces between paragraphs, no indents, no page numbers, but they do want the word count. Some of the traditional publishers will want an agent to send the book to them, and some will take forever to get a reply from them. If you go with a publish your own type of book, be forewarned, some are thieves and will try to get every penny you have. One I know will publish it for nothing, but you have to pay for any advertising you want done which goes on, and on. Every day they have a new way of selling you some advertising for your book. If you use them set a budget and do not go over it, spread it out over the whole year. The name opf the publisher is Publish America. Again check them out, as you should also do with the traditional publisher.
    Best wishes and may God be with you.
    Grampa Ed–Retired, Author in the making
    (four books published, one to be published, writting sixth one)

    • Thanks for replying to this Ed! Great information.

  75. I self published an inspirational poetry book at the end of 2010. My family and friends love the book. My only problem is that I am not able to get my book out to the public. Although I have a website where my book can be purchased, I don’t have the advertising skills to get it properly sold. Can someone tell me how to get my book advertised?
    God bless you,

    • Hi Mary, there are some great resources online to get marketing ideas. I recommend Michael Hyatt’s book Platform.

  76. How legit are the companies on this list? Are they BBB qualified? Or do I need to research each one of your recommendations?
    Thank you so very much for your help in putting this wonderful list together. It certainly helps in a big way.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Great question Sherry. I do not check them for BBB status, but I do try to vet them the best I can. Most are major publishers. The smaller publishing houses don’t get listed unless I feel comfortable with the company after exchanging emails and doing some Google research on them. Not every request to get on the list is approved.

      Thanks again for the great question. I may add this to the top of the page.

  77. Looking for a publisher for my book, WERE WE ONCE ANGELS. The book is on my web sites: and

  78. I am looking for a publisher for my new book.
    I hope it speaks volumes in someones life..
    Any advice is appreciated..

  79. Hi Chris. Site look’n good!

    • Thanks Andy! I’m always looking to improve it. Any suggestions on what you would like to see here?

  80. Destiny Image is broken link

    • Fixed! Thanks for letting me know Greg.

  81. I need to talk to someone about promoting my book. I am already published.

    • Congrats on publishing your book! I see you went through Xlibris, curious on how you liked it. Anyway, there are many books on marketing your work. Are you planning on making it available for Kindle? A small ebook I found helpful for marketing is How I Sold 1 Million eBooks in 5 Months!
      by John Locke.

  82. Thank you C.R. Mooney, this is Tanya. Actually there were a few managerial problems I ran into with them. They first told me that I could pay in 3 payments and then they ‘made’ me pay in 2. The chain of command seemed to be off and you change cycle managers about 6 times (no joke). I would say to watch out for the initial sell. You do get your marketing materials but when they tell you that you will receive things in 3-5 days, believe me you won’t get it until 3-4 weeks. That was my experience.


  83. I am Sumesh Koshy from Bangalore, India. If somesone needs pagiantion/layout work on christian books, please do contact me. I have more than 7 years of experience in Publishing industry. I do freelance pagination for Christian Publishers. I have exposure in Word, PageMaker and in Indesign.

    Thanks and regards,

  84. Thank you so much for this information. I have two manuscripts waiting to be published.

    • Hi Lymandia,

      Just wanted to check if there is anything to be published? Somehow missed your above response.

      If there is anything I can help you with, please contact in

      Thanks and regards,

  85. Thanks to your post of Christian publishing companies, I, as a beginning author, was able to identify and land my first publishing contract with someone on your list! Much appreciated!

    • That’s awesome Phillip! I emailed you about guest posting here. Let me know.

  86. Hi! I represent C Forbes Press, a small christian publishing company that has just released it’s second childrens book and is open to submitted manuscripts. Is it possible to be listed? Our website is


  87. Hi! We are a newly settled publishing house based in New Delhi in the name of Christian World Imprints (CWI). The venture is going to undertake specialized publishing of books on all aspects falling under Christian Studies (some listed on the back) ; both, general/classics — for use primarily by people at large, and, scholarly — for use primarily by institutes/libraries & academics.

    We are just out with our two books and many other are in pipeline. For further details you can click on the link


  88. Thank you for hosting this site. Having been pitched by vanity publishers and agents who try and suck blood out of wannabe authors, has made me a little cynical about agencies who freely accept manuscripts. And I’m not saying that the first agency you list (5 Fold Media) is illegit, but I do question why their manuscript submission app asks the question “are you unemployed or disability?” What could that possible have to do with whether you are marketable as an author or not? I realize in posting this that you are only a host who is offering resources to help people, but if there is an explanation for why they want that information, I would like to hear it.

    • Thanks for stopping by Bruce! I am not sure why that question would be asked, though I’m sure they have a reason. I can’t see a publisher wanting unnecessary info that would drive away potential authors. Have you emailed them about it?

  89. well, the only way to respond is to fill out the form that I object to. I could do it and see what happens. The worst is, I could get a response telling me that my ms has been accepted and it will cost x amount to get it published.

    • Bruce, don’t mess with them! I’m disabled, and I published my book on I didn’t have to answer any questions like that. All I did was submit the tax form required by Law. CreateSpace is totally free and distributes world-wide. They also get you lined up for to publish it in Kindle format. I just did mine and it turned out awesome! Not purposing to sell you my book, but you can go look at it at this link if you want.

  90. I am a writer od a childrens book and I’d like to know more about getting it published.

  91. Looking for some basic answers as I am very new to the game. What is the “regular” accepted profit margin on books when using a publisher. Does this vary a great deal? Thank you for any help you can give on this subject.

    • For first time authors with a traditional publisher: about $1 for paperbacks and slightly more for hard covers.

  92. I, oyenike am a first time writer of a christian fiction and would like your advice on professional editing services and how to get my book published. Good job on your site.

    • Thanks for commenting. This web is full of information for this. I am putting together a list of Christian editors that will be available in about a month.

      • Hi! I’m looking forward to this list of Christian editors! I’m actually trying to get into that field. I’ve edited for almost three years now at a financial research company, but I want to get into editing Christian material. Do you have any advice how to do that or can you add my name to the list of Christian editors? Thanks again for this very thorough list.

        Nan Rojas

  93. Does anyone have any personal experience with Xulon Press? I’d like them to publish a book for me, but I don’t see them on the list.

    • thanks for asking. I do not have Xulon included in this list as they are only a self-publishing company. The publishers on this list are traditional publishers or co-publishers.

  94. My name is Paul and in 2011, For Health Reasons I Retired from Thirty Four Years of Ministry and Counseling! I have written a Childrens Series, Telly Tales-The Adventures of Telly The Owl. is now avaiable through Xlibris, B&N.Com and 200 other online bookstores. I am looking for a Publisher to redo the book series I & II. I feel that this is unsettled business for this Faith Based Childrens Series. I just dont want to see its message retire like I had too. I cannot pay anymore to do this!

  95. thanks for providing information most writers are looking. God bless you
    Regards kuda


  97. Which of the publishing companies listed on your accepting unsolicited manuscripts list, accept children’s books?

    • I’m not sure off hand, I would have to go through the list to find out. I recommend finding similar titles to what you are writing and see who is publishing them. Check the genre and target age group.

  98. I am currently working on a book that does not fit into usual categories. It explores the origins of the Holocaust and is a study of Nazi antisemitism, and so has a lot of German philosophy, but from a biblical viewpoint. It explains that traditional religious antisemitism was (a) contrary to the bible and (b) very different from Nazi racial antisemitism. I am willing to go through the work of sending proposals, but wonder if anyone knows of a publisher that might be interested in an unsual mix of history, philosophy, and biblical Christianity.

    A longer more complex version has been published at, this is a complete rewrite.


  99. Fantastic site!

    I have learned that getting published is time-intensive, confusing, and often disheartening, BUT worth it.

    After querying through the traditional route for 1 1/2 years, I self-published (two non-fiction books) with AN UPRIGHT, PROFESSIONAL TEAM.

    I have three children’s books (one allegory, one physical science, one disability) and half a novel w/ which I want to try the traditional route again.

    If anyone is interested, has direction or advice, I’m grateful :)

    For MORE about me and my books, please go here:
    You can message me on “comments” or at


  100. I have written a Christian-themed children’s book and have never been published. I am looking for an illustrator and for recommendations on self-publishing.

  101. Karen,
    Publish America is free to publish, but you do pay for advertising and buying your books for yourself. Just be careful as you can spend a lot of money fairly quickly. It is all done on the computer, so just go to and you will be on their site. Out of my five books they have done three and I will not go through the others ever again.
    Grampa Ed, Retired, Author in the making
    Woodstock Illinois

  102. I am looking for someone to help me with some true stories that my family has had for many years they are all true about spiritual visions,dreams,miracles,healings and apparitions we have a spiritual gift and something is pushing us to get them out so people can read about them we are a poor family and do not know where to begin with this we have been sitting down noting the events. Some examples are candles lighting up on there own,car accident with the apparition of a saint helping, being chased by dogs and suddenly sit with a word of faith,winning the lottery when in desperate need of help by a dream with the virgin mary,jesus coming to our house from prayer then a dream of him from the outcome to tell us something about that moment,the virgin Mary’s appiration floating in church.just some of many if interested in helping please contact me by email first we want to help others believe. Thank you thom

  103. […] List of publishers […]

  104. I am writing a Christian devotional with picture illustrations painted by a personal friend of mine, God has called me to help other’s through my own pain. It’s title will either be 365 words of healing or Changing lives on word at a time. If you are interested email me Crystal Cooper at

  105. Hello! This is a fantastic site and a wonderful list. If I may, I’d like you to consider adding Anaiah Press to this list. ( We are a new Christian fiction publisher that publishes adult, young adult, middle grade, picture books, and non-fiction books. We’re currently open to submissions in all of our imprints. Please visit our website for full guidelines. And anyone who has seen this comment can address your query directly to me :-)

  106. I am a Pastor who runs a deliverance ministry in Africa and have written a Healing and Deliverance book which I have self published in Africa and is selling like hot cakes. I have now been thinking of publishing it in America. Any advice on how to go about it, and may you recommend publishing houses that may be interested in such a book.

  107. am daniel and av written over 300 daily devotions and would like to sell them can you buy them

    • I am interested in translating and publishing your devotion in India languages viz. Marathi, Hindi, Gujarathi etc. Kindly advise : Rev. Dr. C.S.Kale, Chairman ( Bombay Tract & Book Society; estd in 1828) in India (email: Cell: +91-9833408433) Do you want to sell these or share royalty for them? Whatever your reply plse send me a sample of the same.

  108. Adam,
    Only one comment–God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and never changes, that is why the Christians in this world have problems with a few people like yourself–who wants to change things. The only thing I want you to think on IS PRAY, AND ASK GOD WHAT HE THINKS, NOT PEOPLE.
    And I will pray for you also–you are a smart man and I hate to think of you throwing everything away. May God be with you always

  109. Thanks very much for your response, Ed. You are very thoughtful. Please allow me to return the courtesy one more time.

    I know you know this already, but not all change is bad. If the Titanic had changed its course, it would never have made such an indelible mark on history, and if modern medicine didn’t constantly change and adapt, you and I might not be here today.

    If you are 79, then I believe you would have been about 8 or 9 when the worst of WWII was playing out in Europe, and you would have been only about 5 or 6 when Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese. Statistics say that the US alone lost over 400,000 people in that war and the total casualties world wide was somewhere in the 50-70 million range.

    When you talk about change, are you 100 percent sure that a change of course during that time would have been equally bad?

    I work in Washington DC, Ed, and I see so many statues and monuments every day paying tribute to soldiers that died and leaders that led these wars throughout our national history. I hear stories about this war hero and that one, and everyone sings their praises….

    ….but what about the people who can observe a society on a complex level and see a war forming years in advance? What if those people understand what conversations are necessary at the one-on-one level…that will spread to larger conversations…that will evoke a change in the minds of the public…that will ultimately cause a change in the minds of politicians and even in foreign policy?

    I’m one of those people…and I guarantee that Christians are walking right into their own holocaust as we speak. How do I know? All you have to do is look at the book of Revelations and it’s there…waiting as a self-laid trap for anyone who accepts the Bible and doesn’t ever question it. To me, it looks like a suicide mission.

    Please consider this…that the very book that you don’t want to change is nearly the same set of stories that has guided the conversations and cultural behavior of the Jews for thousands of years. Is it possible, Ed, that following the assumptions of the ancient Jews could have walked their modern counterparts right into their own Holocaust? Yes, Hitler played a major role in it, but here is what people don’t talk about:

    Two cultures…in the same country…both of them extremely smart, detail-oriented, picky, and convinced that they are right. One of them didn’t have a country of their own at the time…yet they have been taught since the time of Moses that they are “God’s Chosen People.” If you don’t see the potential for racial superiority in that statement, then you also won’t see how similar that attitude can be to the racial supremacy of the Third Reich. This is a very serious problem, as we are continually following the same line of logic.

    So, let me be clear in my intentions…that I am trying ardently to save the lives of the Christians…but none of them will listen. In case you change your mind about the need for conversations like this, here is my email address if you or anyone else here wants to talk:

    Take care,

    Adam J. Read

  110. Adam.
    Yes I do see what you are getting at. Just look at our own history of the US, we have fought one war after the other and we still have racial hatred and people are afraid of those with special needs or handicapped. Yes I do see people going the wrong way and right into the book of Revelation and we and our leaders are accepting them, for instance the homosexuals, and sexual sin, a lot of people accept them with open arms and one of the letters in Revelation states that Jesus hates those that accept others and look the other way as if their was no problem. I am one that believes that the book of Revelation WILL come true, but when and how that is up to God only to know. Christians are doing the same thing over and over just like the Jewish people did centuries ago, they believe but then SOON forget and go back to their old ways. I believe this to be true of we here in the US. But how to get people into the Bible and believe and become better Christians, I have no idea. Maybe your idea will work, but think very hard on the subject before you jump in feet first, for you will have a lot of opposition.
    Best wishes in your future, I will be involved with my new book and I know I will not spend a lot of time on other sites for awhile.
    God be with you

  111. Hello Ed and Adam,

    First, thank you for keeping your discourse cordial. At first, I thought of removing the comments altogether as it seemed an argument was eminent, but as the week unfolded, you kept it polite and thoughtful

    Also, I don’t mind opposing views here as long as they are not flagrant, foul, disrespectful (none of which you have been Adam). However, this is The Christian Writer;s Corner is just that. So please, if you wish to discuss “Transitional Theology,” please do so privately. Adam has posted his email for you Ed, so I encourage you to reach him that way.

    I will remove this thread at the end of the week so that you are both able to copy out your dialogue and continue it, but please do not comment further.

    Thanks for you cooperation.

    – mooney

  112. Thanks for the response, Mooney. I am in the process of submitting a plot line to a number of publishing companies…as well as a professional psychoanalyst for review. I would like to give you this plot for your review as well unless you don’t want it.

    If you don’t want it posted here, then you are welcome to email me as well.

    Take care,

    Adam J. Read

  113. Dear Sir,

    Do you have a list of Christian publishers seeking submissions for full-colour children’s picture books?

    Thanks and Calvary blessings to you,

    God bless you!


    • Most of the major publishers do, ZonderKidz, Bethany House, Tyndale Kids, B & H. I suggest going to your local book store, finding the books similar in content to yours, and seeing who published them. Check back here for their contact info, or if you find some I don’t have listed, let me know and I will add them!

  114. how do I submit my book for publishing

    • I suggest going to your local book store, finding the books similar in content to yours, and seeing who published them. Check back here for their contact info, or if you find some I don’t have listed, let me know and I will add them!

  115. I have a collection of true short stories…written in the third person. Each one of the stories has God speaking to me in regards to the situation encountered. The words always broaden the perspective of the individual involved and allows the reader to see from God’s point of view. My question is…would the collection be submitted as a book or as individual stories? The common thread running through all of the stories is God Speaks.

    • Hmmm, it’s hard to say without more info, If they have a common theme, you could pursue it a collection of shorts in one volume, or try the short story market and publish them individually, Not an easy road either way, but don’t let that stop you!

    • I am interested in translating and publishing your stories in India languages viz. Marathi, Hindi, Gujarathi etc. Kindly advise : Rev. Dr. C.S.Kale, Chairman ( Bombay Tract & Book Society; estd in 1828) in India (email: Cell: +91-9833408433)
      What is the length of each story in words?And what’s your interest in publishing these stories?

  116. hello I am an unemployed Vet and I write I was hoping you might be able to connect me to a resource network
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    aquaculture micro biology entomology horticultural sciences surrogate organic and synthetic platforms for AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT
    Dynamic energy systems research Culinary Arts cooking

    Hyper – compound geometric design a course that is taught at doctorate Level at U.C. Sandi ego that I found out on Google

    So if I do Doctorate level work for Kicks why am I penniless
    that’s what I can’t figure out
    aren’t smart people supposed to flock together tweet, tweet

    or at Least have some form of personal financial ability

    well the most important is the writing for spiritual growth I believe if I do that then the principle of seek ye the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things will be granted unto you

    so if your someone that has the potential to coach this issue maybe we can strike a deal and I’m not really into contracts my word is my Bond if that level of integrity is not something your familiar with then we may not click

    I hope to support through what the books I write make monetarily to African Missions specifically north west Africa
    thanks hope to here from someone with some advice

    • Hi Tom,

      My name is Adam. I’m not a publisher, employer, or counselor, but I’m guessing that if you’re doing doctorate level work for kicks, you are probably a convergent thinker as opposed to a linear thinker. It’s what you do with your “other mind” while the first mind is taking care of normal, daily tasks. It’s sort of like having one of those computers with two processors.

      I’d like to connect. I think you and I might have a lot in common. Writer, theologian, philosopher, engineer, married with 4 kids with one on the Autistic spectrum. Ag Engineering grad, too.

      Theological engineering and philosophical engineering are very intriguing to me, as these areas merge social architecture and human behavior with the scientific method. Absolutely fascinating.

      “The pattern that is most repeated will be the most influential.”

      Drop me a note.

      Adam J. Read

  117. Hi, please i am Winnie Ngalame and i am part of a Christian organization from Cameroon. We have written a series of Christian poems for kids and would like your advice on an illustrator who would be available to illustrate the books with appropriate images.

  118. Do you know of any publishing companies looking to publish books of Christian poetry? I’m not sure which category that would fall under, but it has been a dream of mine for years now, and I am finally ready to pursue it!

  119. Hello, Can you possibly add to the list? They are a Christian publisher located in Texas.

  120. Do you know of any publishing companies interested in an 8-book series on the life of Christ as a historical novel from the point of view of the unbelieving side of people who met Jesus and their journey to full belief? Most chapters begin with doubts, but end with understanding and full belief. Full of footnotes proving each historical event, but also almost lyrical narrative.

  121. CR….do you know anything about Tate Publishing?

  122. Hello! i am Vijesh from Mauritius and i am writing a book on THE HOLY SPIRIT. i am not in the US and can’t find a good Christian publisher here where i am.. plz can someone guide me to any publisher who will be willing to help. thanks.

  123. If you would like free lessons on writing good English, check out . The text book is the Bible, so you will get double benefits. Good luck.

  124. Pls. I have a small publishing company, I want to sale the company’s name, due to high cost of running and maintainance. Any interested company or individual is free to contact me via my e-mail: God bless you all.

  125. i am a novice writer. in my hands there are 7 uncompleted draft pertaining to godliness, religious, inspirational and political, which i need assistance to publish into a book for audience locally and internationally

  126. Please I want to know if you know of a christian publishing company in China or any publishing company in China that prints Christian books..

  127. Seeking to glorify God thru written expression of his gift in my life. And share what he has done for me. I am a Poet for the Lord.

  128. It would be the Christian mindset to allow submissions from unsolicited authors. We have a voice and story to assist many as the ‘established’ writers do. However, it’s your man-made company and my God given & annointed story to share with some other publisher. What God ordains, He is able to maintain.

  129. Publish your Christian book at

  130. Christian Publishing House is new, and we are accepting manuscripts.

  131. Your link to Destiny Image seems to be broken.

    • Hi-

      Can you tell me why Tate Publishing is not on any of your lists?

      Thanks Florbela


      • Thank you The Destiny link has been fixed.

  132. Hi,
    I am a translator from Myanmar. We translate English christian books into Myanmar/
    Burmese and other languages in Myanmar.
    Any sugguestions in getting permissions from authors or publishers?
    We welcome any advices or anyone who would like books for translation for Myanmar audience.

    Please contact us:
    Isaac Lai

  133. Hmm it seems like your website ate my first comment
    (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I had written and say,
    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I too am an aspiring blog
    writer but I’m still new to the whole thing.
    Do you have any tips for beginner blog writers? I’d certainly
    appreciate it.

  134. Hi-
    I noticed you don’t have Tate Publishing on your list. Any reason why they didn’t make your list?


    • I will be adding Tate soon. Thank you!

  135. I have approximately 30 spiritual poems…would anybody be interested in publishing them.

    • Please send them to me.I am interested in translating and publishing your poems in India languages viz. Marathi, Hindi, Gujarathi etc. Kindly advise : Rev. Dr. C.S.Kale, Chairman ( Bombay Tract & Book Society; estd in 1828) in India (email: Cell: +91-9833408433)

  136. I am interested in translating and publishing books in India languages viz. Marathi, Hindi, Gujarathi etc. Kindly advise with specific details : Rev. Dr. C.S.Kale, Chairman ( Bombay Tract & Book Society; estd in 1828) in India (email: Cell: +91-9833408433)

  137. It is too late. I submitted that last spring. I have since found a publisher.

  138. Are you aware of companies or organizations that provide grants for Christian writers? I have a manuscript, but the problem is being able to finance the venture. What suggestions do you have?

  139. Do you find Tate to be a traditional publishing house? I’ve been told they make money off authors not so much books.

  140. First, I want to thank Mooney for this list. Now, I am looking for info on publishing a Christian non-fiction, short-story collection/book that will be sent to jails and prisons. The collection contains personal experiences of faith and victory over hopelessness involving self-destructive behaviors. My husband is the author of these eye-opening and sometimes very comical chronicles and we have a para-church ministry (i.e. one that is not financially supported by the local church) via snail mail (USPS). The writings are from a Christian perspective but also from one who has extensive experience in the world. The stories are easy to relate to, the author keeps things real and interesting. In order for the stories to be compiled and allowed into the correctional facilities, there must be a publisher and the books must be mailed from the publisher. My husband and I are on a restricted and limited income and cannot afford to pay the extensive fees of having the collection published by contemporary publishers for profit; besides, we are not motivated by money. We simply want to get these potentially life-changing stories into the hands of those who most of the world has forgotten about. We thank Mooney for the opportunity to post this request and we are looking forward to any replies we receive. Sample story can be sent upon request.

  141. Hi friends,I am a published writer, have written over 1000 poems,songs etc. need a book published that I’m sure will make millions of dollars,,,,,work with me,I will share 25%*God Bless Us

    • I would like to introduce our Christian Publishing House to you. Shari Parker Publishing. We have over 55 authors and 78 books in the market in three years.

      • Hi Shari, I would love to give you the opportunity to introduce your company to our community. I will be in touch!

  142. Please, I want my inspirational book published. How do I get started?

    • There are a thousand details not in your question. I’m putting together a FAQ ebook that I will be giving away that will hopefully address most of your questions. For now, edit edit edit. Get the book as good as you an. If you can afford a professional editor I recommend it. Then find books that are similar to yours, see who published them and start submitting. Good luck!

  143. l am writing a book about God and am almost finished. If God really did help me write this book the next step will be to try to get it published. I don’t have a lot pf money and trying to come up with $3000. to get it published is next to impossible

    • Hi on, there are 1000 different ways to get your book out there, paying $3000 doesn’t have to be one of them. You can go the traditional publisher way and start submitting it, or all the way on the other end of the spectrum you can simply publish it as an ebook on Amazon, which is a minimal cost. May God give you the wisdom to get it where it needs to be.

  144. I am currently working on a book about Cyrus Byington, a missionary to the Choctaw people who wrote their first dictionary. How would be the best way to market it?

    • By “market” I believe you mean to publishers. If you aren’t into getting an agent to submit for you, you will have to solicit publishers who take open submission. I have several listed above. Target publishers of books similar to yours. Most have their own guidelines, so follow them carefully as books that don’ meet their formatting requirements are likely to get tossed.

  145. Hello! Are you still adding to this list? If so, Peasantry Press is a new, small press publisher who is accepting unsolicited manuscripts. We publish both “clean” secular and Christian work – or we plan to, when we have titles to release! :) We launched Jan 1st, and are looking for talented writers in a number of genres!

    • Alyssa, thank you for stopping by. Yes, I am expanding the list. Unfortunately in trying to improve the site’s usability, I haven’t updated it in some time. I will email you soon to get some more information. Thanks!

  146. Are you interested in inspirational poetry also

  147. Yes, I am interested. I have a collection of inspirational poem titled Songs of Love

  148. Hello I wonder if you could help me please.:-)
    Could you tell me what they mean by ‘solicited’ or ‘Unsolicited’ and how I get my book solicited.
    Thankyou very much for your time

  149. Hi, my name is Janie. I had a vision from God 3 years ago. He spoke to me about past events and how they will affect future events and this I saw with my eyes, He also told me he would purge me by fire first and in the last three years I have lost everything I had including my husband. I have been through so much since this vision. I know God wants me to get this vision out. I thought about putting it all in a book from the moment I had the vision to the events that took place afterwards that made me strong enough to do this. I have never written a book and know nothing about writing per say. I was hoping to get some advice or help. Once again, I saw Noah’s Day and then it jumped to the end times and how they connect.

  150. I write a Christian daily inspirational devotional messages to my contacts on whatsapp and on my Facebook Timeline. Am actually looking for a publisher to compile or put them into a book for posterity and also to explore other areas of my writing. I am public school teacher.
    The series I write is known as Breakfast in Bed

  151. My friend in Zimbabwe who is a struggling pastor wrote a religious book and he is looking for someone to publish it,any ideas?i would like to help him publish his book.

  152. Cladach Publishing’s website says that it is no longer accepting unsolicited manuscripts.

  153. I’m a Finnish woman who has worked as missioner in Russian prisons for more than 20 years. I have written a book about my correspondence with the inmates, a document with autentic texts from letters. Almost the whole correspondence with 6 inmates, and references of 40 females and 43 males. Is there anybody who could be interested in publicating a book like this? It has never before been published nowhere. The biggest problem is: it has been written in Finnish language, and I’m not able to translate it!

  154. Almost finished a book on prayer, would like to see it out there asi believe it could be helpful to many. I heard of Owl publishing yesterday, can’t find t hem now. Any suggestions. Thanks Tim T

  155. I have written a Daily Devotional. Each day starts with. A scripture and then an encouraging message related to the scripture. How do I go about submitting it to a publisher?

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